How to conduct 6 month long interview assessments

How to conduct 6 month long interview assessments

Our recruitment systems are built around, and highly tuned, to identify the best talent. Adopting a myriad of different approaches to this of course, but aimed at the same goal. Finding the best talent.

But, the problem arises when the high performer you just brought on doesn't function effectively in their new team. Taxing on both the now-dull performer fighting a culture they don't align with, and the company, who brought on the best, expecting the best.

I believe this is widely accepted as a risk of hiring, simply due to a lack of information about this available, and the complexity of the matter. But there's a better way. It's about capturing 6 months, 1 year, several years worth of observable data, and presenting it the right way.

I was happy to be invited onto the Adrian Tan show to share some views and discuss our approach to this problem. I believe you leave an impression on the people you work with, the key lies in getting this information in an objective, data-driven manner.

I don't think I could put it in better words, so I'll quote my hosts:

"If you have done any running before, the usual way is to run at a constant pace over the whole duration. ⠀

You seldom see anyone that sprints-walks-sprints over long distance since that is a lousy strategy.⠀

But when it comes to hiring, we tend to aim for the intermittent excellent versus the average consistant. ⠀

It is not so different from assuming someone has a great life based on their IG or FB highlight reels.⠀

Over time, it is the average that you will fall back on so it make sense to hire the talent on how they will perform over 8 hours a day versus the highlights they deliberately list on their resume.⠀

VITA is one company that carry this ethos to enable companies to hire talents and not just their resumes." Adrian Tan

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